Concerts and farming and videos - oh my!

It's been a colourful few months here at Colour Film Enterprises, with a bunch of really fun shows around Ontario.  What a pleasure to be on the road again playing music, seeing some old friends and familiar faces and meeting new ones.  At the risk of patting my own back, it was pretty thrilling for the Hamilton album release concert for Half An Hour to raise $1400 for my current place of study - the Hand Clinic at Hamilton General Hospital.  Thanks to everyone who came out to a show, sang along, and/or laughed at a joke.  Or at my attempts.

Between the concerts, I've been working on my wife's farm - cultivating fields, planting seeds, making hay, and shovelling manure.  After being laid up most of last year, it's been really satisfying to get out there again.  At the risk of patting my own back, I think my wife even finds it somewhat helpful.

Between the concerts and the farming, I've also released a few videos.  You can check them out here on the Colour Film YouTube channel.  Have a click on over - there's some decent stuff there, for the eyes and the ears.  Maybe not binge worthy, but possibly back-pattable.